Fitness Fears: Why You’re Not Working Out

When you want to look and feel better, you need to focus on your weight and your strength. Maybe you have the diet and meal planning under control, but you’re finding it difficult to get serious about working out. If you’re not able to get motivated about going to the gym, increasing your physical activity, or burning calories, you need to determine what the obstacles are, and remove them.

You might have subconscious fears about exercise. This can hinder any fitness plan you are trying to put together. Maybe you have a negative association with working out. Something in your past has given you the impression that you can’t do it or you shouldn’t do it. Figure out what that might be so you can re-frame it for yourself and avoid negative thinking.

Perhaps you’re worried about injuries. If you aren’t experienced with gym equipment or running hurts your knees, you could be wary of any type of exercise. However, there’s something for everyone. If you have bad knees, try swimming. If you don’t like the gym, just try walking several times a week.

You could also be battling problems with self image. Maybe you think you should lose weight first before you start working out. Or, you think you’re too overweight to show up at the gym or try to take an aerobics class. These are myths you need to stop telling yourself. Everyone has a path to getting healthier. If you want to improve your fitness, you’ll find out what your path is, and you won’t let anyone stand in your way.

A good fitness plan is user-friendly and simple. Don’t keep telling yourself why you can’t workout. Instead, come up with some reasons for why you can and will exercise more. You’ll notice a lot of changes – not just in your body, but your attitude as well.